Many of you have asked us when we were going to do it. I've asked that question myself. It finally is happening - we're probably, maybe, definitely, possibly making a Tom Bihn iPod case.

There are lots of iPod cases already out there, so what's going to make ours different?

1. It's going to be attractive with the same styling as all of the other Tom Bihn products.

2. It's going to be functional. During the design process I will be testing the prototypes with my iPod to make sure of that.

But we'd like to hear from you - what could we do to make this case unique? What features would you like to see that you haven't in an iPod case? Do you want just a simple case to house the iPod and the earbuds, or a whole system to carry the docking station, battery, remote, and new audio recording and iPhoto accessories?