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Thread: phone in SA

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    phone in SA

    Hi everyone,

    So, I recently acquired a very lovely, long-awaited Smart Alec in Aubergine. It's beautiful and I love it. Except.

    I carry my bag on my left shoulder. The phone pocket is in the right side of the bag. So every time my phone rings, I have to take the bag off completely, flip it around, and dig for my phone. I tried putting my phone in the water bottle pocket, but it sinks to the bottom and I'm also worried it'll fall out the side, not to mention that I then can't put my water bottle in that pocket. I tried attaching the top modular pocket and keeping my phone in there, but that's also pretty awkward, and I don't really like the top pocket in general since it makes the top flap so heavy. Plus I don't have anything else to keep in there, so it seems sort of a silly use of space. I love my S25 in large part because of how easy it is to grab stuff out of that side pocket, and I want a way to make my SA user-friendly in the same way.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for what to clip inside the water bottle pocket to accessibly hold an iphone 4 in a case? Something like a pocket pouch, but bigger? I already keep my bus pass in a small COP tethered in there, FWIW.



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    A pocket pouch will fit an iPhone 4 snugly. If the case is pretty trim, it might still fit. Otherwise, a small OP or a small Q-kit?

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