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    Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 durability

    I received my Tom Bihn aeronaut 45 and one of the tie down strap is not secure. Also this is tested before I even put any clothes under the straps. One strap locks into place and if you tug on it a little it doesnt come undone, the other unfortunately applying the same minimum amount of force separates.

    Important to note I have not placed any clothes under the straps and one of them comes undone if you do a gentle tug.

    My concern is even if I get a replacement, the tie down strap will become loose over time and wont lock in place. Users that have the aeronaut 45 for a while can you tell me if the tie down straps are as secure as when you first received the product?

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    I think you've got a bad buckle there -- I'm sorry about that. We switched to a lower profile (yay!) buckle and have found that a buckle here or there of this new variety has that issue (boo!). We've switched back to the previous tried-and-true consistently well-performing buckle; we'd be happy to send you (and anyone else experiencing this issue) a new set of tie-down straps. and we'll work out the details.
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    Tie downs are good but my husband's snap button broke off very quickly and mine had worn quite badly around the backpack strap. I wrote into Tom Bihn during my travels and they didn't seem to think it would be a problem. Two huge trips later, it hasn't got any worse! Both bags are around 4 yrs old and still going strong - extremely well used.

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