I have been trying to replace my ID bag, since I have it for almost 13 years. But finally, I went to a shoe repair and had them modify my bag. I added MOLLE strap system on the both sides of the bag. And I also added a luggage pass-through strap with velcro on the back. I know it isn't perfect, but it works quite well. I have a 40oz Hydro Flask holder on the side from Blue Ridge. I am planning to get a small MOLLE pouch to put on the other side. I know the bag is made to be more of a bike messenger bag, more than a travel bag - but I use this bag more for daily work use for my laptop. I also carry this bag when i travel.

Perhaps future Tom Bihn bags will have MOLLE attachments.

MOLLE straps on my old ID-558950980-jpgMOLLE straps on my old ID-1707955951-jpgMOLLE straps on my old ID-2096626083-jpgMOLLE straps on my old ID-1629199980-jpg