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    @Fulton, when I roll the shop bag for storage into a Synapse side pocket, I don't bother securing it with key straps or putting it into a Q-Kit. But you can also take a look at pictures of the way @Ilkyway did this in my post on another subject (accuracy of UV Dyneema colors) -- where I excerpted some pictures from her earlier thread (with UV Shop Bag). The link @nathant4 gave will show you other pictures and information.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulton View Post
    I just received a large shop bag and immediately think that I need a small one. This is great, but I'd like something that I could roll up tight and keep in my Synapse or DLBC as overflow. For my use, the small rolled option is what makes the shop bag beat out a MF.

    Does anyone remember a video or instructions about folding the bags tight? Maybe even fitting them into stuff sacks? I feel like there was an old post, but I can't find it.

    Am I right that a small bag would roll up materially smaller than a large one? (I should return the large one, but I'm already coming up with uses.)

    Thanks in advance.
    I find folding them into their own pockets is the easiest way to carry them and quickest to get them out again. It isn't a small tight package but it is flat and takes up very little room. I tend to get them out when paying for things in an already hectic environment - bag out, while getting purse out to pay, responding to request for loyalty card, while answering 3 kids simultanously. Although I love the neatness of having a shop bag rolled into a stuff sack, I would probably put the stuff sack down and lose it in the above chaos!

    As someone said before, I plan on using my moveable feast for a car snack/picnic bag. should be perfect. my box arrived and I've quickly unpacked it but then had to get to work and could barely look at it...!

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