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Thread: Yeoman fans?

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    Forum Member Kshni's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
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    Well, the Verde Yeoman Duffle survived both flights and had very little shifting about. It came back with more inside than it went out with (new sparkly 25 yard skirt and some heavily beaded tassels added weight and bulk), but there was still room for more!
    I love my Burnt Orange Medium Cafe Bag, Black MCB, and Azure LCB.
    The Preciouses: A45 in black/zest, (original) Yeoman Duffel in verde, Mini Yeoman Duffel in Burnt Orange, the S19 in black/ultraviolet, and the MB in black/northwest sky; Shop Bags in zest, monarch, sitka, fjord, and island.

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    Oct 2015
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    Quote Originally Posted by brendabethman View Post
    And here is the Yeoman with its traveling companions, a Aubergine/Sitka A45 and Nordic LCB. Can't remember the last time I traveled with so much luggage!

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    Thanks so much for sharing. Your side by side pics are helpful. What size Yeoman did you buy?

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    Hi @flips712,

    All of the Yeoman Duffels shown in this thread have to be the originally released (largest size) Yeoman Duffel, because alternate (smaller) sizes did not appear until the end of 2016 (see @Ilkyway's New sizes to the Yeoman SOOO cute thread). Other clues that this is the case: the medium YD has a capacity of 44 liters -- similar to the Aeronaut 45. The YD in the picture is much larger than the A45 at the left. And, for some reason, when the Yeoman Duffel was first released, they decided to spell it as "Yeoman Duffle", while spelling the (now-retired) Night Flight Travel Duffel as "Duffel". This is reflected in the spelling in the original posts.



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