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    Thoughts on Halcyon

    I am loving the 400D Halcyon, more than I would've ever thought. Here's why...

    Just recently I received an S19 in Nordic Halcyon. Never before have I been floored by a color with its richness and depth and character when it has come to a TB purchase. Sure there are lots of wonderful TB colors, but for me Nordic was now in a class of its own. However, what I did not come to expect was how I was also deeply resonating with the feel of the Halcyon material. It has a little bit of coarseness to it - I'm assuming that's because the grey grid is slightly raised. When I compared it to my older SE in Original Black Halcyon (when it was called Dyneema), the SE feels more smooth (no raised grid pattern).

    And so because I resonated greatly with not only the color but the feel of Nordic Halcyon in my new S19, I couldn't resist ordering a DLBP and S25 in Black Halcyon just to see. (I never thought I'd even consider ordering Black Halcyon because of my fear that black might be too boring or uninspiring for me).

    Upon receiving the S25 and DLBP in Black Halcyon/NWS, I've discovered that my tendency to resonate with a bag is NOT solely dependent on one thing only. I always thought for me it was ONLY mostly about the design and its utilitarian positives, plus a good enough color. But when I can put it all together now, loving a bag becomes about the artful/utilitarian design, the color/pattern's visual appeal, AND even the texture/feel of the material and the way this material carries itself throughout the bag.

    Maybe what I'm trying to say is that all these elements give character and appeal that can even further shape my impressions of a bag design that I've already come to love (just when I thought my love for it couldn't get any more). My impressions of the S25 and DLBP and S19 have risen to new levels of adoration and appreciation. So now I'm even considering the Aeronauts in Halcyon, and also the Brain Bag (if and when it ever debuts in Halcyon in September per Darcy's comments in a recent thread).

    Thanks to the Tom Bihn Team for having the vision to make the latest 400D Halcyon come to fruition.

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    well said. It is about the whole being more than the sum of its elements. I feel that way about the nordic/solar pilot (though I have not used it in awhile. It is a special item. The colors, the high design. Everything in one beautiful design. Perfection. Can there be anything more than that?

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