Plus one here for disappointed. I, too, discovered Tom Bihn because of the Brain Cell, originally for a 15" Titanium PowerBook G4, and bought the Brain Bag to go with it. Switched to a vertical BC during the years of the 17" MacBook Pros. Lean times came, forcing me to delay a laptop upgrade by a couple of years; and when I finally did upgrade to a 2015 15" Retina MBP, I felt I had to play cheap with the case, and just squeezed it into the old Brain Cell I still had, even if it did bend the 6mm padded sides outward in order to fit.

Recently, toward the end of a very grueling international move, my Brain Bag slipped my tired grip and fell a few feet onto pavement, including that expensive MBP. The corner of the lid took a hit, and the ill-fitting Brain Cell saved the day… mostly. The damage was only cosmetic, just a few, hardly-noticable millimeters of blunting on the rounded aluminum corner. An optimist might say that the neoprene suspension prevented worse from happening. A pessimist might say the too-tight fit left the corners extra vulnerable, sticking out beyond the corrugated plastic shell, where the (Cache-quality) foam alone failed to absorb the whole impact and left a mark. I see either argument as being in favor of the (correct-sized) Brain Cell, with the added layers of protection that provides over a mere Cache.

Now I'm looking to buy a proper-fitting sleeve, and I'm shocked and saddened to see that the Brain Cell is no longer an option. Maybe it hasn't kept up with the times… no rails, not security checkpoint friendly, not so many Bihn bags will accommodate it inside…? But that superior protection is what drew me to Tom Bihn, and seeing it discontinued is honestly making me consider what's beyond Tom Bihn.