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    Did I get the last one?

    After waiting for months for the new bag to come out and then agonizing over whether or not to buy one, I finally hit the no turning back button on the Mars Red/Cloud Luminary yesterday. Today, I went back to the website to look at (admire) it and noticed that those colors were no longer available. Is that how it works? Here today, gone tomorrow. I'm a little surprised and a lot grateful that I didn't wait any longer to purchase.

    I'm excited to get the bag, but I was definitely on the side of wanting a mini backpack more similar to the Sprout. I read many posts about adults buying the Sprout before deciding that I didn't want to take a chance on being one of the unlucky ones that couldn't make the Sprout work for them.

    So, I can wait to meet my new backpack and see if we have a Love Connection.

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    Yes and no. Yes, you might have bought the last one from this batch. No, it probably won't be the last one. The crew cannot make all the bags at the same time, so they have a production schedule. They make batches of each bag to maximize production efficiency. If a color combination is popular, it will usually be made available again. elisa

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    I had the same issue with the Alphaviolet/Viridian Luminary, though I didn't get my in stock email. Frown I've signed up again, but I've pulled the trigger on an Alphaviolet/Cloud Luminary instead/in the meantime. I was really worried when I saw that Alphaviolet/Viridian wasn't even "In Production" anymore, but it's back now.

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    Hi @kad,

    I think that you got a returned Luminary in Mars Red/Cloud. Because these are new colors, a number of people have been ordering more than one color combination of the bag in order to make their preferred color selection with the bags in front of them, and then have been sending back the one(s) they didn't choose.

    I saw Mars Red/Cloud and Alphaviolet/Viridian come in (looked like 1 of each) onto the product page. An astute forum member who notices this, can often grab a product that was previously listed as out of stock.

    Enjoy your Luminary. By the way, I posted in the Meglet -- does the Sprout fit? thread about the updated Sprout:
    Quote Originally Posted by moriond View Post
    Hi @loma and @caitirilt,

    Darcy sent me one of the updated Sprouts. The current design with 12.6" height adds nearly an inch to the length of the original version Sprout. So, that might be enough extra length to make this work for an adult like @Walker who could not use the original Sprout. It fits well for me (just under 5'4", petite size 6 in tops and size S in Ibex; I'm also one of the people who found the original narrow backpack strap spacing of the Synapse 19 more comfortable). So, it might work for both of you if you want to try it out. But the Luminary is going to be more comfortable for most adults.

    I've added some pictures to the end of the previously linked thread about the Luminary.



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