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    Color Comparison

    One of my favorite color combinations is Nordic Halcyon/Ultraviolet. However, I'm wondering if Nordic Halcyon might ever be paired with Island as an interior. I took the following photos with my iPhone, but it's the rainy season here so the light isn't the best. If anyone would like to post better comparison photos, it would be appreciated.

    Maker's Bag (Nordic Halcyon/Ultraviolet) with Island Stuff Sack

    Color Comparison-img_0711-jpg

    Maker's Bag with Border Collie

    Color Comparison-img_0712-jpg

    In reality, I think the Nordic Halcyon looks more Navy in color, but in these photos I think it looks more like a Royal Blue. The Island also looks lighter in person and deeper-hued in the photos. elisa

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    Nordic Halcyon is an amazing color. I just bought a used Maker's Bag and packing shoulder cube in this color simply because the color is so striking. I wasn't crazy about the currently available packing shoulder cube colors to go with the Black Halcyon Western Flyer that I just ordered. I'm sure I'll find a use for the Maker's Bag Smilie

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    I want a Nordic/Island combo Aeronaut 30. If I could get it, I would. Today.

    I own a Nordic/Iberian makers bag, and an island travel tray, so this is an informed decision. I'm bummed I'll probably settle for black Halycon/island A30.

    Or an A30 with an Iberian exterior. Oooh.
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