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    discovery: Two-tone backpack strap pocket!

    I was doing a test pack on my new Aubergine/Island A45, and I opened the zipper to the compartment holding the backpack straps, and imagine my surprise when I found...

    discovery: Two-tone backpack strap pocket!-fit5fjciy8hdnuqdvxh51gsgwsm04om90y14ot5rhmzew17ewaues-gm_esoe0elsefkf9irn71p2cassp3lm9-msvfdudjk-jpg

    ... a nice contrasting panel of what I assume is Original Halcyon. This may be old news to many of you (i.e. A45 owners) but I was surprised. It's not on my older-model TS. Is this new? Is it the sturdier ("exterior") Halcyon because it's a part of the bag that typically undergoes a lot of stress? I'm amazed and curious (and quite frankly rather charmed by that color).

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    Mine has that, too. The black is the 400 weight halcyon because that's where the back pack straps are attached. Also, when you're wearing it as a backpack, the black is going to show, which won't be as distracting as the blue.

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    From a past post, Darcy replied (and @BWeaves was on the right line of thought):

    "The black Dyneema panel inside the Aeronaut is an additional reinforcing piece we added a couple of years ago. We added the reinforcing because, though we never saw any failures of the seam into which the shoulder straps are sewn (and don't expect to), we could see that it was a high-stress area and just wanted to be extra safe. These are the little details that keep Tom up at night -- he wants to be sure our bags don't let you down."

    Below is the discussion thread where the post came from:

    Multicolour Dyneema inside A30 backpack compartment

    Good to see proactiveness!

    Hope this helps

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    TB Ballistic Black/Iberian Dyneema backpacks and briefcases for every occasion together with my cherished Nordic and Solar Dyneema!

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