An all clear (front and back), Large Pouch!

I use the Large Pouch to store each years Journal, after I remove the pages from the FJN.

I like to make a D.I.Y cover for it and it would be nice if I could see both sides of the cover.

I also draw and color a lot using translucent paper, I would be able to use the All Clear Pouch to protect or even display the images I color.

It would be lovely if some of the All Clear Pouches had grommets (the same as the Field Journal Notebook Organizational Inserts on two even sides. 3 or 4 to insert into a letter/A4 binder and 2 at the top to hang vertically.

I don't want to use PCV because it is harmful to the environment and smells.

It may sound like a wacky idea and I may have my wish on April 1, oversized and topped with a Floculent border.

By the way, I would also be so happy with an Halcyon or Aether trench coat with a matching rain hat.