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Thread: I Kinda Wish...

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    I Kinda Wish...

    I kinda wish we could have a new "In Production" tab along the top of the site, maybe right after "Dogs". On that page you could see, in one spot, everything currently being made. That would solve flipping between pages to see what will soon be available. It probably isn't feasible - it would need to be updated every day. However. I think it would be a nice addition. (It might even spur sales!)
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    Have you used the Wishlist, RichardMcG? Please do forgive if it's an obvious comment, but I know it took me a ridiculous amount of time to notice the feature. It doesn't help to show when items first appear in production, but it does help eliminate flipping through pages (or in my case, keeping a thousand tabs open) once you know an item is already in production since you can refresh just the one page to see if an item is in stock or not. For example, you can see I'm currently stalking 3DOCs:

    I Kinda Wish...-screen-shot-2018-01-30-11-36-47-am-png

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    Hi All,

    Just another tip that you can also use the small pictures in the wishlist to save images of items that are no longer in stock. (You can also do this using the thumbnails beside the items in your emailed order confirmations -- right clicking, or doing a Control-click with a Mac on the thumbnail lets you copy the image address. You may also be able to change the end of the image name from "small.jpg" to "big.jpg" to show a larger size image in some of these cases.)

    One warning is that if they retire the product in question, to the extent that the parent product page entry is removed from the site, you don't get any warning -- they just disappear from your wish list. So accessories like different colors of Ultrasuede cleaning cloths or models of water bottles that they used to sell, just entirely vanished from my wish list. Otherwise, you can use this feature to keep track of when certain packing cubes come back into stock, for example.

    This also doesn't tell you when certain combinations of fabrics are/were available. For example, Parapack versions of the 3D Organizer Cubes are currently generally avialble or under fabrication. There were large periods of time when these weren't available.

    But you could, for example, have put all the versions of the Smart Alec sold in the last production batch into your wish list, and monitored the color/fabric options as they disappeared. Same for the final batches of Little Swift Encore editions, as another case.



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