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    Smart Alec Shoulder Straps and Sternum Straps Issues

    Have Smart Alec and it is just what I needed as far as size and looks good to use in a professional office. I am a big man, big shoulders,neck,chest etc. For me to wear the Smart Alec comfortably I have to have the shoulder straps fully extended and when I use the sternum strap, which is a must, it is pretty much up to my tie knot. Feels uncomfortable and looks odd. What am I doing wrong? I am guessing I am not adjusting something correctly. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Hmm. You could try tying a bandana or piece of cloth around the shoulder straps to see if a lower sternum strap would be more comfortable? (since the fixed attachment points limit how far you can position the s.straps) If it is, then you can get a third-party sternum strap online. (But if the straps are comfy without the sternum strap - which sounds like a no-go for you - easy enough to skip it. I only use mine because I have narrow shoulders - and even then I only fasten them if Iím walking for a while.)

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    Hi heshootshescorez! (I love that name by the way)

    You probably saw that you can scoot that sternum strap up and down the piece of webbing it's attached to. You can even take off the hydration hose clip to gain a little more space (and put it back in place above the sternum strap, or leave it off if you're not going to use it). I would also offer that it may not need to be as low as you think. I always think the ideal spot for a sternum strap is having it draw a straight line between your outstretched arms. It's a bit higher up than some folks realize. Here's a photo on our site of the Whistle Sternum strap being worn in just the right spot:

    Smart Alec Shoulder Straps and Sternum Straps Issues-sternum-strap-png

    Like I said, you may be on the right path with that adjustment but it may help!

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