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    Quote Originally Posted by Traveltech View Post
    I’d love to see an example of how you do this. I have a packing list and make notes but don’t find it easy to pick up these notes when next I pack...
    This may be waaaaaay too much information, but this is the list from my 2 week Ecuador trip last year...with annotations in bold... and yes, that is me telling myself that I shouldn't have brought jeans (what? you don't talk to your past & future selves!?)
    As I said, I keep packing lists in Evernote. It's web based and easy to type/edit on a laptop for big lists...then of course, it's synched to your phone.

    Overall, if I did this type of trip again (variable climate, developing country, different places to stay, multiple modes of transit for someone who gets motion sickness) it would remind me of what did and didn't work and help alleviate my tendency to pack for all contingencies...

    I planned on doing laundry at irregular intervals-based on when we moved locations and did so quite successfully.

    I have since acquired a packable small LL Bean daypack that I prefer over the TB Daylight pack so I'd bring that instead of the S19 (put it into the A30) and probably use one of the new upcoming zippered shopping totes or a Pop Tote as the second bag. I ended up mostly wearing the A30, and if I'm just going to carry a small second bag, it might as well be a tote which is easier than hand carrying a backpack.
    If I eliminated the jeans & pillows and the huge box of gift chocolate I brought for our host, I would have been able to single bag this, but I would still have pulled out a zip or shop bag or something for under the seat on the plane - right before boarding.

    ECSpecter Quarter: linen towel didn't use but backup
    Medkit in pouch - used for a friend
    Cubelet: Lumix charger & battery & cord; Kindle plug & cord; Pixel plug & cord
    Cubelet: Kleenex; meds bring more Dramamine - no one else brought any for the boats!
    TT: wipes, Kleenex, lip balm, earplugs, eye shade; meds
    neck pillow didn't need; Kindle; journals; ppwork
    lumbar pillow, business class don't need pillow & lumbar, TB pocket for fleece didn't use, but good to have
    WATERBOTTLE - YES, consider secondary roll up bottle
    SIDE: card case; wallet; tiny journal; headphones
    SIDE: pens/pencil; power brick; headlamp; Clif Bar
    1 wide brim sun hat clipped outside pack

    1 REI Kornati pants, black, plastic & web belt
    1 REI Taereen merino grey Tshirt
    North Face low waterproof hikers
    quarter height wool Darn Tough socks

    StrapPocket: Ziplock gallon for pp&cash & more ziplocks
    FlapPocket: puke bags; ziplock; meds
    1 jeans - I told you not to bring jeans
    1 KS Ladies Ankle Travel Pant, black - ok as backup, but only 1 zip pocket
    1 REI Kornati, black
    ECSpecter TUBE CUBE 13x4x3” WHITE
    3 merino socks Good
    5 Exofficio undies good
    1 bra good

    HUGE BOX OF CHOCOLATES gift for hostess

    camera hardly used
    1 ultralight rain & wind jacket - REI Talusphere 1lb 1oz good
    Q-Kit Small - playing cards; sewing kit; kleenex; bandana; duct tape
    REI Small Shower BLUE
    comb; collapsable brush broke; deo; razor; blades; floss; tweezers; toothbrush; contacts; case; extra meds; nail clippers - more contacts
    3DOC, Clear 7" x 4.3" x 2”
    1 sunscreen; 1 bug spray; 1 after bite; 1 eye clean; 2 mini eye; 1 shampoo; 1 con; - skip S&C, bring more sunscreen
    Woolite packets; 1 toothpaste; 1 Kiehl face; 1 Aveeno hand

    ECSpecter SHOE: Merrell sandals

    ECSpecter HALF CUBE 10x7x3” WHITE
    sleep shirt & pant
    1 shorts/swim
    1 bathing suit
    1 Reisenthel laundry bag
    ECSpecter Stuff Sack: Clif Bars

    ECSpecter HALF CUBE 10x7x3” BLUE
    2 REI merino (grey/burgundy) T, rolled - only need four total
    1 Champion grey T, rolled
    1 REI burgundy T, rolled
    1 LS collared shirt/sun blue plaid - EB - could have used two
    prescription sunglasses
    Maui Jim regular sunglasses

    EDIT: Oh, and I'm about 5'4" female, so my clothes/shoes aren't huge, but I'm a stocky size 14/16 - so it's not tiny clothes either. And since I fry to a crisp in the sun, I don't walk around with any skin showing most of the time - hence the sunblocking long pants, shirt, and hat... also don't wear makeup or particularly care for dressy clothes, so that's a whole category not needed... YMMV
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    That was an interesting read! Thanks for sharing! And a really good idea to keep track of what worked and what didn't. I have mental notes from my Italy trip, but I'm sure I'll forget before my next trip. Lol

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    The Aeronaut 45 I ordered came in this week. I installed the frame sheet and hip belt and just got around to doing a test pack of all the stuff I had mentioned in my original post. Here's how it turned out...

    The purse fit in one end compartment, the two shoes in the other, my clothes in the 2 Eagle Creek compression cubes, my toiletry bags, my undergarments bag, and the packable tote fit in the main compartment. My 311 toiletry bag went into the top zipper pouch. There was a little room left if I worked around the cubes, but it was mostly full.

    The frame and hipbelt made a big difference in the weight, I'm sure. It felt fine on my back, actually very similar to the Fairview 40.

    I'm pretty happy with my purchase judging by my test pack. My first real trip will be the true test, and hopefully the zippers will have loosened up by then? Lol

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    The zippers do ease up over time.

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