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    Structure without stiffness: my experience with the S25 Freudian Slip

    So I seem to be in the minority here, but I tried the internal frame for the S25 and hated it. I didn't like how stiff it made the bag feel against my back. Suffice it to say, I returned the framesheet to TB.

    As much as I love my S25, when lightly packed, the bag (mine is in 400 Halcyon) is a bit unstructured. Seeking additional organizational features for the bag, I picked up a FS sized for the S25 and it ended up helping give the bag some needed structure without the uncomfortable stiffness I experienced with the internal frame. (My other quibble with the internal frame was the "trickiness" of the insertion/removal process, but considering how un-comfy I found the device, that didn't enter into my decision to return it.)

    In any case, if there's anyone else out there who found the internal frame for the S25 too uncomfortable but is looking to give their bag some structure, you might give the FS a go.

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    Havenít got the frame sheet yet as I live in the U.K. and need to wait till a trip to the US. But I definitely know what you mean by unstructuredness. I have the same bag and my laptop just slides around all over unless I have the bag fully packed. Itís really annoying me and had debated the FS to sort it out. Not sure if thatís cause I have the halcyon version or not

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