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    Jul 2018
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    Decisions decisions decisions.........

    Needing some help here. I've wanted a TB for quite awhile. I need an ED backpack. I'd been looking at the Synapse 19 but frankly I think it's too big. (Currently using a 15 L bag and frankly just want something new.)

    When I look at the Daylight I just don't know. I don't carry that much. One of my main issues is the water bottle. I can't handle just opening the pack and stuffing a water bottle in there. Doesn't everything get damp with condensation? What about balance if I just toss a bottle in the bag, does it rattle around? Am I way over thinking this? Those are the reasons I was looking at the 19.

    Which brings me to the strap issue. Let's just put it that I don't need straps that are too wide. I don't need "things" beings pushed, etc. (Hope I've not offended but you all are getting my drift here.)

    Any thought as to which bag would be best? Idea's?

    Can't wait to read the suggestions.

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    Mar 2016
    Portland, OR
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    I think the upcoming Luminary 14 sounds right for you!
    Current Everyday Carry: S19 in Cloud/Island, 15C Cache, SE in Wasabi, SC in Fjord; Cubelets in Dawn, Canyon, and Grass, COW in Original Halcyon
    Current Travel Carry: A30 in Original Halcyon/Ultraviolet, DLBP in Nordic, PCSB in Sitka, Large TT in Sitka, SSK in Wasabi, 3DOC in Solar

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    Agree with @kieri... wait for the Luminary 14 to debut to check it out... ideally, if you're in the US for decent shipping, order the Synapse 19, Luminary 10, and Luminary 14 and try them all - return the ones that don't work...

    I have both an S19 and Luminary 10 (the old version obviously)...
    The organization style are different between the Synapse and Luminary families - you may find one suits your needs better than the other
    I find that both of them, if not stuffed full, 'carry' much smaller than their capacity would indicate...

    The Daylight is very different as it has simple straps and the structure of the bag is entirely dependent on what you pack into it... I personally don't like dealing with that, but it works very well for many people

    Ahem, you aren't the only one with real estate issues to consider and it's come up several times before in the Forum... FWIW, I personally find that using a sternum strap, up high, makes the S19 and Luminary straps very comfortable, without impinging on anything...

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