"And another update on this topic- when The Truck comes back into stock for regular ordering, we've decided that for now we're going to focus on 525 Ballistic. "

The important expression to consider from MikeV post is "for now."

Right now, I could bet, and I am not a betting person, that The Crew is getting ready for the enormous demands of Holiday Season Production.

That means, carefully managing fabrics' stocks in order to have enough to make bags that will be popular as gifts.

I remember well the popularity of the Small Cafe Bag, the SE and the SK as Holiday Gifts, I have a feeling that the Travel Cubelet and the Cubelet are going to follow in their footsteps.

I can already picture the Cubelet as perfect first purse for 4/5 years old.
Cosmetics, electronics chargers, mini lego sets, mini puzzles, mini board games, mini books, mini journal and pens, mini coloring books and pencils/crayon set, holder.

The TC can do all that for taller people as well as a minimalist/wallet purse to run errands or to use as a pocket within a bigger EDC, either Tote or Backpack.

I also believe that the Pop Tote is going to be as popular, if not more, because of its zippering ability, than the Swift.

The Crew needs the lighter weight ballistic to line or make those bags.

Outdoor farmer's market are dwindling or stopping in many cold areas of the U.S after Fall, but heavy item shopping associated with the feasts of Thanksgiving and Holidays means it also makes sense to stick with heavier fabric Trunks, for now.