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    Cache with a strap

    I use a 14" HP laptop for work.
    This seems to be the most awkward size there is.

    I bought a DLBC for my daughter for school (and for me to use occasionally, although that is now very occasionally), it just fits in that, inside my crumpler laptop sleeve, and I mean just as it requires some fiddling to close the zips.

    It will also just fit inside my A30 (in the laptop sleeve), providing I unzip one of the inside zips, again a bit of a fiddle but works as a carry on.

    I typically travel 2 weeks at a time from the UK to the US and Canada, so despite my best efforts and the need to bring back all sorts of additional shopping I'm travelling heavy with checked in luggage.
    That said after some bad experiences in airports, I have enough clothes for work the next day in my A30, or for an overnight camp bed (seriously) in Amsterdam airport.

    I looked at a Pilot and a cadet, but I'm trying to keep my number of bags down.

    on this trip I was then taking the train in and out of Toronto, for one week carrying my A30 as my EDC is a little bulky, so I either have to carry another bag in my check in, I've used a crumpler Light Delight which does pack down really small, or a small shoulder bag - I have a PCSB and a SK that works well plus some form of laptop case.

    What I think is needed here is a 14" laptop cache with shoulder strap attachments. This would fit in the bottom of my A30, I could reuse the Absolute strap from my A30, then carry odds and sods like the power supply etc in my PCSB.

    In the past I've looked at the Brain Cell, when it was still available and that just seemed like overkill. So my plea, please add some attachment points to the cache, or if anybody has some other good suggestions?


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    I have the same type of huge HP work laptop. I use a cheap neoprene sleeve from amazon for it and throw it into my A30, SmartAlec, or Pilot when I travel.
    It will fit in my DLBC, but without the sleeve... in which case I keep the laptop in the DLBC and put the whole thing into the A30 or SA to travel with until I need to take it to the (away) office. The halcyon DLBCs are very light weight and have a strap - something to consider... depends on how much cushioning you think you need.

    Edit: Fixed the astonishingly bad morning spelling!
    Last edited by G42; 08-14-2018 at 12:55 PM.
    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...

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