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    Quote Originally Posted by bouncing View Post
    I'd give up flat-out on the Cadet. I found that it could barely hold a laptop and my Bose headphones, much less your camera case thing. I ordered one and sent it back for that reason. The Cadet is quite slender with rigid construction, so it doesn't hold a lot.

    It's possible that the Pilot would be a win. It doesn't have a dedicated laptop *or* iPad sleeve, but you can buy those separately as caches (Tom Bihn's special laptop sleeves). Whether you like the cache system is very personally, but of course it has a lot of boosters around here.

    The only thing about the Empire Builder -- besides it being a big ol' bag -- is that it has a dedicated paper file/folder compartment. It's a compartment for files, in folders -- which has special rigid construction and all that. I find that's an awful lot of hardware going to make a compartment I personally would never use. But it is a pretty genius design over all.
    The internal file dividers simply lift right out of the bag,there is no special hardware at all for them?
    Having said that though I think the Zephyr or Ego would be the ideal bag for you for this stuff overall.
    I also have an EB and Super Ego and the smaller versions of both of these are just about ideal if you are not bringing huge computers and piles of books along too.

    I bought both of mine on Ebay and they seem to be there for sale pretty often too.

    I also think the Pilot might work for you and you can sure try one and see and send it back if not.

    Finally ThinkTank Photo made a bag called the Airport Takeoff that came with an insert sort of like that Tenba and this is another great bag also sold on Ebay pretty often.

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    My iPad Pro 12.9 (first version) fits but... it really depends on the case you put it into. If itís a thin one, mine will fit in the zippered pocket with just a touch of finagling. If I have my heavier duty one (I use the zugu case) it does not fit in the pocket, but fits fine in the main bag.

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    I think a Cadet will work fine. I carry my X1 Carbon in a padded sleeve on one side and my thermos lunch kit which appears similar in size to your thinktank. The Cadet is fairly thin but that's a good thing IMO.
    Help with Bag Decision-img_0843-jpg

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    Wait, you remove the file folders from the Empire Builder? Really? Hmmm... Maybe I should give it another look next time I'm in need of an EDC work bag.

    Though it's only in black, which isn't my style.

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