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    Western Flyer accessories - FS and hip belt

    Hi, just waiting for the right color combination for the WF before buying (cloud or nebulous grey please, or anything without wasabi!)

    But two questions- is the Freudian Slip (FS) really half the depth of all the other FSs? The website indicated it’s only .5” depth.

    Can the new Aeronaut hipbelts be used for the WF?

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    Whatís an FS?

    And yes I tried the Aeronaut padded belt on the WF and it seems to work.

    I dunno about the padded belts though (in general not just with the WF). It seems the geometry is a bit wrong to me regarding how it clips into the bag itself. But havenít tried it properly in use yet so canít properly evaluate.

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    I have the WF FS and the Med. Cafe Bag FS, I suppose it is thinner, I hadn't really thought about it before. The additional mesh pockets and the fact that they all overlap each other makes the others thicker. Really its as thick as the junk you stuff into it...

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    FS=Freudian Slip. The original Freudian Slip is the vertically designed one that is now labelled as being for the Brain Bag (it used to be labelled as being for the Brain Bag and Smart Alec). The next addition to the lineup was the Horizontal Freudian Slip (designed for horizontal messenger bags and briefcases). It will fit into the Western Flyer, and you can see this demoed in the video @TravelManager made about using the Western Flyer as a briefcase. I'll point you to @Perseffect's response, where the video is embedded, but he adds the comment that he uses the Medium Cafe Bag Freudian Slip instead in that configuration.
    The video is post #20.

    The Cafe Bag Freudian Slips were designed to use more depth, while the original Vetical and Horizontal Freudian Slips had thinner pockets for phones and stationary accessories, and the back side were slots for organizing papers and folders. In contrast when we demoed uses of the Cafe Bag Freudian Slip, I put a Zojurushi water bottle into one of the front mesh pockets. So @imperator's comments about this are correct.

    The idea behind the Freudian Slip is that, apart from organization, it can be a convenient way to transfer a block of items carried there from one bag to another. Hence, the best choice for some people may depend on which other bags they use. Among the Cafe Bag Freudian Slips, I've found Medium to be a size that works with a lot of TB bags. But, the other goal is to optimize usage for the bag you have configured it for.

    With regard to the Aeronaut hip belts, they do work with the Western Flyer, but the comments in the original discussion thread mentioned that the comfort might depend a bit on your height. The reason that the new hip belts are more comfortable is that they allow the weight to be carried lower down -- on your actual hips. Instead of hooking into waist straps, they plug into the backpack strap connectors, and angle down. The padding is more substantial than a webbing waist strap, but that means it is more effort to stow the backpack straps in the Western Flyer away -- it's not as quick to drop the backpack assembly into the back zippered pocket for storage as when there was just a webbing waist strap.

    Everyone who initially posted about using the A30 waist strap on a Western Flyer said it worked for them -- but the issue might be for someone who is really tall. I'm just under 5'4", so I can't test the possible issues for tall people using the A30 hip belt on the WF.



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