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    Help: Switching from Tristar to Aronaut. 30 vs 45?

    Hi guys.

    This post is to hopefully get some packing list critique but mainly to help me choose my next bag. Ideally A30 would be awesome size wise but given below packing list and travel habits is it doable?

    I bought the Tristar when I thought Iíd be traveling for work but i donít do that anymore. Itís been a personal bag for last 4y. I find that itís heavy vs how much it will pack. My bundles tend to be thick (polo shirts make them thick) and many of my shirts I have to give to my wife to put in her wheelie bag.

    Current kit:

    Nylon Tristar with following inserts:
    Large Tristar cube.
    Small cube. For underwear, socks and bathing suit.
    Small cube thatís the shoulder bag cube (forgot what itís called). In this I put laptop charger, extension chord and small pencil case.
    Snake charmer where I keep valuables. Etc
    TB travel wallet

    Copilot (nylon). Iíve often taken very short trips without copilot. And just use the shoulder bag cube at my destination. But longer trips I use copilot a lot.

    Scott-e-vest. I put everyoneís passports, backup charging battery, headphones. It also keeps me warm so I can on wear long sleeve T-shirt underneath. While on planes.

    I also picked up this cheap zip up duffel bag that can be picked in my Tristar and used as emergency checked luggage when coming back from vacation probably only good for one trip due to its poor quality. But I have one.

    I am wondering if you guys can help me with my setup below and see if I can pick a better fitting bag. I think an Aeronaut would be great for me. Which size though l? Also which of my existing cubes can I reuse as I want to minimize new expenses. Can the below work with the A30?

    My trips:
    One trip to Europe every year. Maybe two. Either solo or with family (wife and one 5y old). Iíve taken solo trips w 5 year old but take a small separate duffel to Europe. Iíve taken long weekend trips solo w 5y old but would like the option of one bagging for two of us.

    When flying w full family I can always offload some of my stuff in wifeís roller bag or sometimes we all check
    One large bag (free for international flights).

    I take a number of short haul domestic trips. Mostly in CRJ-7. Sometimes in smaller turbo prop planes. In turbo props my Tristar is basically the maximum that can physically fit into overhead bins.

    Below would be my larger load of stuff I take to Europe. Assuming summer travel but Iíve gone in winter and fall:

    Three polo shirts
    Three white T-shirtís (worn under polos)
    Three workout shirts
    One workout short
    Two bathing suits
    Two pairs of shorts
    One pair of khakis
    One pair of jeans (worn)
    One pair of Sperry shoes
    One pair of Sneakers
    One pair of flip flops
    One wind breaker Marmot
    One fleece
    Three/four pairs of underwear
    Two pairs of athletic socks
    One pair of dressier socks

    I also may include one dress shirt for fancy dinner. In the winter I drop the beach wear and also stuff my down sweater Patagonia jacket in my jacket so I can move thru airports and not have to wear it.

    Above mostly goes into large Tristar cube that is stuffed beyond belief.

    Shake charmer with valuables and all the small cables. Extra credit cards and lounge passes that I donít use

    TB clear toiletry cube
    Small pencil case full of various medication I must take. I never travel with less than 30 days worth of meds.

    20 oz steel Kleen Kanteen. Must have. Shoved in copilot.

    Android phone
    Larger spare battery pack that can charge all
    Small extension chord. Monster. 4 plugs. I put my adapter onto that and plug in the US electronics into the four slots.
    Bose QC35. I have AirPods but for flights they arenít as useful. Bose are still amazing and anything over 4 hours of flying calls for Bose, IMO.

    Sometimes I also bring along MacBook Air 11Ē and itís cable.

    Sometimes I travel with a 5 year old. Can pack a separate smaller duffel for clothes. It would be fantastic if I had my own bag that would fit maybe 3 days of outfits and 3 pajamas, two bathing suits and bathing tops, sun hat, and water sandals. Sticker book or two and or two toys. I also travel with the Ride Safer travel harness vest which allows me to use the car seatbelts for the little one without bringing a car seat. Fantastic for Uberís etc. I put this in the LOís small duffel.

    Thank you all!!

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    Because of the shoes, I would definitely go with the 45. I love my 45, and have travelled for a week+ out if the country with it. If you don't always fill it up, I don't think you will find it too clunky.

    The pre-sized A45 cubes are awesome, but not a necessity. Even stuffed, my full set of them doesn't complete take up the bag. Feel free to use whatever organization you already have, and supplement, perhaps, with closed end cubes for the shoes.

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    Are you wearing one pair of shoes and carrying 2 or are you carrying all 3 and wear a fourth pair?

    Everything that fits in the Tristar fits in the A45. You can also reuse the Tristar Packing Cubes and have more space as a bonus.

    Speaking from experience, it will allow all the items you usually move to another carry on.

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    I don't think an A30 would be enough if the TS is already stuffed. I doubt any TS-sized accessories wouldn't fit in an A45. Spend the extra $10, you'll be better off.

    You'll have to give the A45 up on smaller planes.

    There's definitely plenty you can do to pare your packing list down as well, either with more laundry planning or trading out bulkier items (fleece) for flat-packing ones (down). I imagine you'd still have no problem fitting it into an A45, depending on the shoes and how much soft packing you can do around them.

    It doesn't sound like you have any electronics that require a transformer. How many of your things don't charge off USB? I'd invest in something like this (and a second plug adapter if you're bringing the MacBook). Very few electrics aren't dual voltage/frequency anymore, including laptop charging adapters.

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    Thanks for all your replies guys. Iím going to go with the A30. The 45 is smaller than I expected and absolutely perfect. Two resins Iím gonna go w 30. First I cannot risk getting a call to gate check it on small regional carriers. Had a friend tell me one thing that made my decision final in favor of the 30: if youíre the last to board on a regional jet with no overhead space the bag wonít stay in the cabin. Plus, my wife actually told me that when weíve taken flights for week plus vacations I often struggle under the weight of my ballistic nylon tristar. So thinking the 30 is my best bet with maybe ballistic DLBP for backup and/or weight overlflow. The A30
    Is very comfortable over the shoulder so the DLBP can be work. (My current setup is tristar and copilot). I am thinking the copilot is too much weight (ballistic) when packed and not enough capacity (10L) vS DLBP (16L). I can fit my size 11 sperrys in the side pocket. Any dressier shoes Iíd pack in main compartment or just take my tristar instead. Or maybe the A30 can be considered a personal item and Iíd take a garment bag with a suit and shoes in the side pocket. Anyway when I do travel my setup is as follows: Europe trip (10-24 days ) I wear sneakers and pack sperrys and flip flops. If Iím just going domestic like to FL (resort and not much hiking or sight seeing) Iíll wear the sperrys on the flight and pack the flip flops.

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