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    Advice on Finding a Gently Used Bag?

    Hi all! First off, apologies for potentially asking a repetitive question; I tried my best to search through the forums and wasn't coming up with anything.

    I'm really interested in getting my first Tom Bihn—probably a Synapse 19—for an every day bag. However my budget is tight at the moment and I've also been trying to avoid buying things new when unnecessary. If there's a gently used version out there looking for a new home I'd rather go that route!

    Was wondering if anyone could point me to any places where I might have some luck finding a used Synapse in good condition? I've checked the usual places—Ebay, Poshmark, etc.—and haven't seen too many options. Might be a shot in the dark but I'm curious if there is something akin to Patagonia's Worn Wear or something similar that everyone knows about but I'm simply not in the loop.

    If anyone's had any luck with this and can offer any advice, I'd appreciate it tons! Thanks in advance

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    If you are on Facebook, there’s the Tom Bihn BST & Discussion Group (an unofficial group with no ties to Tom Bihn the company) that you can join. BST refers to Buy Sell Trade. It’s full of enthusiastic and helpful folks like you see here in the forums. You can always post an ISO (in search of) and see if anyone has what you’re looking for.

    Or there’s the FB group Carryology Classified.

    I’ve seen some great items on as well.

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    Keep checking on ebay, I have seen some STEALS on the Synapse line. Now that TB has come out with the new SYNIK 22 and 30 liter (same as Synapse but clamshell opening which a lot of folks have been wanting for awhile now), there will be a lot more Synapse 19's and 25's listed. I have heard that you can also set up your ebay watch list to notify you when a new item gets listed, maybe check into that as well. Good luck!

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