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    SK: This bag is just a little too small to carry everything I need for a purse and just a little too big to be a bag-in-bag. I want to love it, but it's hanging in my closet.
    PCSB: My regret is only that I can't find a way to use it regularly. I have one in Fjord, which is gorgeous, and I need to keep working with it to see if I can make it more useful to me.

    Took Me A While:
    DLBP: I waffled on purchasing this for a while and was considering the S25 for my EDC. I decided to try the DLBP about 2 months ago and am SO happy I did! I love this pack. It's lightweight, sleek, comfortable and holds a ton! I love it so much.

    Old Faithful:
    Swift: I have two of these to house my larger knitting projects and I adore them. I love how Tom collaborated with knitters to make the perfect knitting bag. It was my gateway into the TB world.

    SE: This is the perfect bag-in-bag PLO for me and I have 3 of them. I use them with the wrist strap and put them in my EDC DLBP for work or my Swift for knitting dates or a shop bag for a football game/track meet, etc.

    MCB: When I just need a purse (not a work/knitting/shop bag with a SE inside), this is my go-to. I can easily fit everything I need into it, including a full size water bottle and a knitting project. It's just perfect.

    Small Snake Charmer: This lives in my DLBP (or whichever work bag I happen to be using). One side holds my computer charger, phone charger, ear pods, air pods and flash drives. The other side holds first aid stuff and lip balm.

    Star Power:

    For the reasons I listed above, I'd have to nominate the SE, DLBP and Swift. Heart Eyes
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    Current Carry: Swift (Verde/UV), SK (Steel/Iberian) & SSC (Sitka)

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    Regret: None, really. There are bags I have re-homed, certainly, but even if they were’t right for me at a particular time, I’ve appreciated everything about them and they’ve helped me to better understand and refine my packing / traveling style. Every one has been well-built and thoughtfully engineered. Some of the ones that initially didn’t float my boat eventually became my favorites if I held on to them long enough.

    Took Awhile: Night Flight Travel Duffle. Just didn’t get it at first. Now it is an ATF… a little brickhouse of a mini-Aeronaut that fits anywhere. It has served me well when traveling super light on budget carriers with restrictive personal item allowances: I have used it as my only bag on trips as long as a week and a half and dig everything about this bag.

    Old Faithful: Co-Pilot. A CP was my first TB bag. I sold the original ballistic one I had and now carry one in Noirdic Halcyon. Used to think it was too small. Now I know it is just right. Also, the A30: my perfect bag for longer trips.

    Star Power: Small and Large Shop Bags. I always fold a Small up in the bottom of my larger personal item when traveling to use at the destination, always have a Large in my car for grocery runs, etc. So unassuming and so versatile. Also, the Q-kit: love that little pouch. Finally, the Western Flyer: when the A30 looks a little too casual, the WF steps in to deliver awesome organization and impeccable versatility along with its more professional vibe.

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