So it being Christmas Eve the TB crew with exemplary dispatch got my order to arrive today. I bought a near new Tri-star from a guy here in the U.K. and bought a suite of packing cubes to outfit it. I bought the tri-star backpack cube, a medium, small, absolute strap and No. 4 wallet. Iím hoping mimicry is still perceived as flattery because I made a daylight briefcase and a side effect myself. This gives me the ultimate flexibility in travel. I daresay something will get sidelined as not used but loving the kit. Iíve used the TS and my briefcase once in anger and itís a great combo but missed the shoulder strap.
I use Kifaru kit for backpacking and a daysack and have been encouraging them to build some travel luggage. Theyíll have to excel themselves if they want to come close to the design and quality of TB.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.