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    I have read in the forums and experienced also, the frustrating phenomenon that happens with the SE and SK, called "bag flip"; this happens when the strap attachment points get kinked or the strap accidentally gets caught underneath the bag when it is picked up. I have lost many an item out of my purse and onto the floor from this flipping FLIP.

    So, I bought a Travel Cubelet and figured I would not have a problem with flip since it is a vertically oriented bag. Well, sure enough, it still somehow flipped on me, although not as much as the horizontal bags did.

    My hack in answer to this was to add two rings on the outside back corners of the TC and attach the strap there. It not only won't flip, but it also lies more flush to my body, is easier to open and close, and now I have two extra rings on the side of the bag to attach my keys. It is also easier to determine the front of the bag and have access to the front pocket at all times when wearing it.

    Pictures below:

    TC, SK, SE BAG HACK for "FLIPPING BAG SYNDROME"-img_0622-jpg

    TC, SK, SE BAG HACK for "FLIPPING BAG SYNDROME"-img_0623-jpg

    TC, SK, SE BAG HACK for "FLIPPING BAG SYNDROME"-img_0624-jpg

    TC, SK, SE BAG HACK for "FLIPPING BAG SYNDROME"-img_0625-jpg

    For the SE and SK, because they are bigger bags, they would require a larger attachment like the TB Triangle Metal Hook. I plan to try it on my SK and SE next and see how it goes.

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    I've had the SE flip on my a lot, but I haven't had a problem with the SK or TC.

    Then again, I also zip my bag shut before picking it up. I never leave it open.

    I do like the attachment points you picked. Nice and flat to the body and out of the way of the zippers.

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