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    So I've built my TB kit up over the last few months. I bought a Tri-Star nearly new from a guy in the UK. What a great bag. I had a Red-Oxx but the TB is far better designed. I've augmented my setup with a copy of a DLBC and Side effect. Nowhere near the quality of build but it looked like a challenging project. Prior to Christmas I bought packing cubes for the Trip-star which included a packing cube backpack and they arrived prior to Christmas. My Dad hasn't been well so I'm going to have to travel to and from Ireland and Scotland routinely. My dad lives in the country so I posted a washbag with contents to meet me on arrival including a Swiss Army Huntsman my usual EDC pocketknife.
    I augmented my packing cube backpack with an eagle creek small shirt packing cube. I carried a couple of shirts, a fleece, pants, socks and hankies including extra clothes I'm leaving at my Dads to augment regular visits inside the backpack packing cube. My pants, socks and hankies x 4 went into the small packing cube. Medium contained my EDC stuff in my homemade side-effectish, cables and other bits and pieces. Centre compartment was a lightweight goretex jacket, hat, gloves and MacBook Air. I bought an Absolute shoulder strap but I used the backpack straps most of the time. I took my Dad out for the day along with some bits and pieces all slung into the packing cube backpack. I didn't expect much from it including the strength of the fabric but it performed well and I really like the fabric.
    The kit is great, robust, looks great performs even better. I'm now eyes out for a wild TB bag sighting but not holding out much hope in the UK.

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    I hope your Dad feels better soon!

    You have a great setup, and there are quite a few Tom Bihn fans, in the UK, you might just meet some, on your travels.

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