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    Lightbulb Who wants a Tom Bihn airline seatback (and more) tablet holder? ME!

    Back when airlines had even crappier seatback screens than they do now, I tried countless gadgets that promised to help make my iPad an eye-level airline entertainment screen. I Goldilocks-ed for months, but then I stumbled on the HighView. It has served me well for years.

    Who wants a Tom Bihn airline seatback (and more) tablet holder? ME!-highview-jpg

    Here's a random guy doing a HighView video review so you can get a feel for the concept. Unlike this reviewer, I've never had much trouble pushing the volume or power buttons regardless of how my iPad is oriented. The headphone jack on the other hand... But I digress.

    The HighView concept is great -- lightweight, thin so it can easily slide down into a carry-on, lots of options for use, etc. -- but some parts of the construction is a bit janky. (See crappy snaphooks and unravelly strap, which I almost always MacGyver with some TB straps instead.) Outside of my Tom Bihn gear, the HighView is one of my favorite things to have on my travels, especially when the journey involves long-haul economy class flights or long stays in TV-less rooms.

    The sad part is my HighView is getting long in the tooth, and it is getting harder to find new ones. Clearly their business model was not ideal because, with some improvements, I bet this thing would be in every tablet-owning traveler's bag.

    I started thinking that I could make my own HighView, only with better materials. In my dreams, I'd have access to Tom's scraps, snaphooks, and machines. I'd also know how to sew. Perhaps years from now, I could have a custom HighView-but-better made with my own hands. OR...

    What if Tom and crew started making something like this? It's a bag...kinda...if you squint real hard. Well, it's definitely an accessory--probably one that many of us TB aficionados would love to have, especially in Halcyon. (swoon!) Maybe it's an super-ultra-minimalist tablet cache of some kind that also doubles as a back-of-seat-and-more hanger upper. Maybe there are small d-rings on the bottom edge so one could clip on a 3DOC for plane necessities like lip balm, earbuds, etc. Maybe the construction is like a giant passport pouch so I could drop in a baggie of earplugs (for example) to 'adjust' the tilt of the screen. Oh man. So. Many. Ideas.

    One thing I know for sure: this could be my in-flight everything, Tom!

    Who's with me? Or am I the only one who still rocks an iPad mini 2 like it's the latest in-flight tech?
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    I generally think putting the ipad on our tray table is probably a better bet. A few reasons.

    1. First, this won't fit every seat. For example, the airline seat it's attached to is one of the ones with an adjustable headrest; on most newer seats, which have a flat back, the straps would actually go around the passenger in front of you's headrest, which they probably won't like.
    2. If they recline, your viewing angle will be bad. Airline entertainment systems have pivoting hinges to accommodate for this, but with this, I don't think it would work.
    3. This is also an awfully precarious way to mount a $1000 gadget. What if there's turbulence? What if the adjustment of that headrest moves a strap?

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    I've used a RingPop on the back of my phone, clipped into the seatback table latch. Not ideal viewing angle, but no additional equipment necessary. On some airlines (Southwest) the tray table latch can be rotated upwards, and the phone can hang from it when the table is down.

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