I think we really could use more lightweight Tom Bihn pouches and organizers.

I have a problem where I really like all of my Tom Bihn pouches and organizers but I found that when I am traveling even Halcyon is too stiff and heavy for me to use for organizers except for a few key items (a zipper pouch and a small Travel Tray) and would love to see more accessories made in a lighter material like Aether.

Accessories such as these would fit inside my S19 much better.

For example, I think Aether would be great in:

  • travel trays
  • laundry stuff sacks
  • all-fabric 3DOCs
  • organizer pouches
  • a new kind of lightweight spiff kit!
  • a new kind of zipperless, highly packable shop bag!!

But the sky's the limit!

What about a Daylight Backpack or Daylight Briefcase in NWS Aether?

How about a Travel Cubelet or Packing Cube Shoulder Bag?

Obviously you would give some trade-off in durability, but I think as Halcyon proves to be more than tough enough we could happily go to Aether for some items. I personally would be happy to make that kind of trade.