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    A NFTD would be acute alternative to the aeronaut, kind like an aeronaut 20, with hand bag luggage only in the cabin of the airplanes becoming a rule in these covid times it would handy to have.

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    @kjquilts ,

    That’s a beautiful combination for the Night Flight Travel Duffel (New Black 400d Halcyon/Iberian). You can especially appreciate it now that Iberian is being/has been retired (or, at best, may get rotated in again as a bag lining some time in the future). I had to look this eBay listing up, because I don’t recall seeing the 400d New Black Halcyon NFTD offered before — the original Halcyon combos have shown up, because they made many more of these, but, as you say, not many of the Night Flight Travel Duffels show up now.
    Quote Originally Posted by kjquilts View Post
    I am in love with the new to me Night Flight black halcyon with Iberian lining received from an Ebay seller today. It was expensive but perfect to go with my black Smart Alec with crimson center panel and our black halcyon Tri-Stars. This is only the second time I've even seen a Night Flight on Ebay and I was so happy that colors and fabric were just what I wanted that I went for it.
    I’d also be looking forward to the promised 200d Halcyon Side Effects:
    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy View Post
    @moriond has convinced us to offer the Side Effect in 200d Halcyon, and thus it will be made available in Solar, Coyote, and Sitka this year. I am going to guess sometime March - July at this point.
    These really can double up as pseudo-Packing cubes in the NFTD, too. @pammy has posted some great pictures of some of the older 200d Halcyon combinations.

    Enjoy your new (to you) NFTD!

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