This post may be a little redundant with past SCB posts. I just bought my first one. Itís a perfect size for my lightest pack days where Iím carrying:

- Minimalist wallet
- Car fob
- iPad Pro 9.7 in Apple Smart Case
- 16 oz stainless steel water bottle
- Eyeglasses case

Thereís still room for a few smaller doodads or snacks. Itís an almost perfect bag for its size. BUT! I wish TB would come out with a SCB version with a zippered main compartment.

Iíd love to carry this as an EDC on my super light-carry days. The hang up though is the open compartment. For around town errands, the SCB is fine. I can also use it on airplanes as a marsupial bag to be used once Iím on the plane. However, my daily commute involves standing in crowds on train platforms so an unzippered bag doesnít feel safe. Same with walking through airports or any other crowded place.

May have to consider the L12 as an alternate super light-carry EDC.