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    A45 with hip-belt & frame-sheet vs Hero's Journey for overnight hut trekking

    Hi Tom Bihn hikers,

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced trekking using their A45 with the hip-belt and frame-sheet?

    I've already done a warm autumn overnight hut hike with my S25GE and it did the job quite well.

    Now that winter is on our door step (at least here in NZ), I will need to carry warmer clothes and a bigger sleeping bag.
    The Hero's Journey could be what I need but I already own a beautiful A45 which stays in the closet sadly too often.

    I was wondering if purchasing the frame-sheet and hip-belt would provide enough comfort for a fully packed A45 on a winter hut overnight hike.

    Anyone has any experience to share?

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    As much as I love the Aeronaut 45, I would not use it for serious hiking. When you mention winter huts, I am imagining hilly rough terrain? I feel it is great for carrying locally, across transportation, airports, etc. even some distance in town. But personally I think it is not balanced for comfortable hiking. When pretty fully packed, I find it practical but not comfortable for extended use. The Frame Sheet certainly helps - I don't have the Hip Belt, but other reviews seem positive. I would suggest to try it in limited typical conditions and load. The Shadow Guide is my preference out of Tom Bihn bags for serious hiking, my Berghaus rucksack used previously for many many years has finally even been retired.

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    For this use case I'd take my Macpac Pursuit, the classic style, which in my size 2 is 45 litres. This pack is bombproof and I have found it very comfortable for carrying heavier loads for winter hiking with ice axe etc or for work in the field with heavy equipment.

    I don't like the current style of the Pursuit at all, but since they are a NZ company I'm thinking you shouldn't have much trouble finding the older style Pursuit second hand via eBay or whatever.

    The Tom Bihn Heroes Journey was designed for exactly this type of trip but unfortunately is discontinued and rare as hen's teeth.

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    Iíd second @gqb thoughts. Iíve done a lot of serious long duration trekking over the years and a well designed bag specifically for the outdoors is essential.

    Iíve owned Macpacs (NZ) in the past and also Madden, Gregory and Osprey (US). Old Dana Designs packs are also awesome (I think they were bought by another company a while ago).

    Ones that have different sized back frames give the best fit (v universal adjustable one size fits all).

    I found the right pack choice for the outdoors to make a trip a success or miserable experience.

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