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    Tom Bihn vs. Jack Spade: BIHN WINS!!!

    After using my Tom Bihn bags daily for more than two years, I'm spoiled.

    REALLY spoiled.

    This weekend I pulled out one of my beloved Jack Spade bags because I needed something bigger than my Small Cafe Bag (sadly it can't hold both my compact headset AND whatever book I'm currently reading), but I didn't want to go whole hog with my weekday Ristretto.


    What I cannot live without anymore:

    -- O-rings galore. Being able to snap my keys onto a strap just inside my bag without worry that they'll fall out, or forcing me to have to dig to fish them out when I need them.

    -- Top handles. It seems like such a little thing, but I use them All. The. Time. When seated on the subway and I get up, they help me grab the bag without it flopping around. As I'm walking about and the bag shifts, they're an easy way to grab the bag and readjust (especially when I'm wearing a wool or corduroy blazer). And most of all: I can hang them easily from a table or chair in a restaurant using my Clip-A ring. Seriously, I've now found the lack of a top handle on my Jack Spade bags enough to render them almost unusable.

    -- Extra zippered compartments on the inside. Those compartments that aren't designed for anything bulky, but enable me to keep important papers separate from the jumble of everything else in the main compartments -- and quickly accessible. I use mine for my emergency cash stash, paychecks, prescriptions, and any other papers that I need to pull out quickly (usually in a checkout line).

    -- Waterproof. Enough said.

    I can't sing your praises enough, Tom Bihn!

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    I've actually sewed O-rings into non-Bihn bags, because I can't live without o-rings anymore.

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    I feel the same about all the other brands in my bag stable. There are other great bags out there that look good, feel good, are built well, and last long.

    But none have the organizational features and thoughtfulness of Tom Bihn. And even while adding all the bells and whistles, Bihn builds a sturdy, long-lasting bag without excessive weight.

    I spent last week and now this week trying out for daily carry some other bags I own and love, but nothing feels like returning home like putting my trusty S19 on my back. Every time I go in and out of other bags, I keep unintentionally comparing the experience to my Synapse. Tom Bihn does it better Smilie

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