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    Luminary 15, meet #4!

    I like the Luminary 15 quite a bit. Am a big fan of its separate zipper compartment for a laptop or tablet and the side pockets are a clever functional design. I posted earlier about using the water bottle sleeve to corral some of the pouches and that does work nicely. That said, things still kept knocking about inside and while I could stack things on top of bottom things in order to use the height, things would shuffle and settle and end up jumbled together. UNTIL! I found a #4 stuff sack in my drawer.

    It is the perfect size to hold my goods for a portable work day. One A5 Ghost Whale with two notebooks, documents in draft--folded in two, a small double organizer, two crossword puzzles, and a paperback; One small GW with a cloth napkin and spork; one small GW of potentially useful items like common meds, bandaids, a couple twisties and rubber bands, tea bags, an instant coffee pouch, sanitizer wipes...; one mini GW with lip balm, eye drops, and a small flashlight; a Rhodia notebook; a pouch of writing instruments; a padded pouch that is usually home to my phone. I pull the string and snug down the top and it all stays neat and tidy while there is plenty of room for me to add a small travel tray on top (Was out on the table beside my tech when taking pic) with cables, chargers, etc. iPad with smart keyboard in the back compartment. One side pocket for keys, one for Clear Organizer wallet and micro organizer of coins.

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    That's excellent! I have a size 3 and a size 4 stuff sack just waiting for something to do. Thank you very much for sharing. elisa

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