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Thread: TB Crew Love

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    Red face TB Crew Love

    You guys! The TB crew are just absolutely... <3 Ah-MAZING

    I've been away from TB since 2012 (I looked up when my last forum post was. Poor grad student + TB doesn't mix all that well). I placed an order over the weekend for some goodies that didn't exist back then (GW, Q-kit, DOP, etc). Now, as you know, you can request colors for the DOP and Q-kit, but that doesn't mean you're going to get it. Yeah, I could have called, but I figured the chances were soooo slim -- I'm an earth tones girl -- greens, browns, brick, that sorta thing. Guess which colors are discontinued? Guess which colors practically don't exist in the current lineup? Guess which colors somehow the crew managed to find for me? I am OVER THE MOON that they found a DOP in Cocoa and a Q-kit in Verde (it looks slightly different than the S19 in Olive I used to have, but it might be olive. I've never seen Verde in person). I opened the box and my heart almost burst that they managed to find the two colors I REALLY wanted (if Forest had been in there I might have actually cried).

    THANK YOU SO MUCH TB CREW!!! You have NO idea how ridiculously happy you made me today! Heart Eyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by earth5 View Post
    [...]DOP in Cocoa and a Q-kit in Verde [...]
    I asked them for "rare" color, they send me pencil clear pouches in these colors, I'm an Earth tones bud too, I love it!

    Also, because this crew is amazing is easy to ask to add some "forgotten" stuff After ordering (before shipping)
    just a Bihnion here

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    When I was thinking of ordering a clear pencil pouch, a crew member dug through the bin and sent me a list of what colors were available. I lucked out with an Azalea!

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