When flying, I struggled with getting my under-seat bag out when I needed it, especially when stuck in a middle seat. I had to pull out everything I wanted when I first sat down and hold it in my lap or slip it into the (increasingly shrinking) seat pocket. Ugh!

So I devised a simple solution.

I found tie-down straps from REI. I create a strap loop and then connect the loop through my bag handle on one end (loop through the handle or with a carabiner). Then I use Hero clip to hang over or through the seat pocket in front of me.

When I want my pack, I pull on the loop to slip my pack from under the sear and to raise it high enough for my hand to reach without contorting. To return my pack back under the seat, I just put the pack down on the floor and use my feet to nudge it back under the seat.

The straps and Hero Clip and carabiner take up little room in my pack.

Any strap will do (the link shows what I use). You only need a loop about 1m long (I started with 1.5m but it’s a little long, especially in an aisle seat because inner seat holders might catch their feet in the excess).