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    Does a Synapse 25 fit into an Aeronaut 45?

    Hi All! I am a long time lurker and after searching about quite a bit without finding the answers/questions I want I thought I would post a new thread.

    I currently am a proud owner of a Synapse 25 and have been looking into getting an Aeronaut 45 to fit my (unpacked) S25 into, with the idea of carrying the A45 mainly (with an unpacked S25 inside it) and then using my S25 as my daily carry bag while the A45 stays in the hotel.

    So yes, would the S25 fit? At least looking at the dimensions it would appear it can fit but does this mean I would have to sacrifice compartments to allow the S25 to fit?

    Thanks in advance for the advice! Smilie

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    In case anyone comes across this post with the same question someday, @Kevin answered it on another thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
    I was sitting next to this combo when I read this post, so I checked. The S25 with its frame sheet fits flat in the A45 but both of the interior main compartment zippers that make the the side pockets wider have to be undone to fit the length of the bag. If you didn’t have the S25 frame sheet, you might be able to zip one of the sides back up but not both.
    I'm glad Kevin answered, I kept meaning to check but my A45 and S25 are on different floors so I kept forgetting.

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