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    Steel 1050 and Nebulous Gray 630 look pretty similar to me, at least in natural light. I gave my Steel 1050 WF a good vacuuming today and got this picture of it with my Nebulous Gray HLT:

    Nebulous grey/dawn/island and mars red HELP-20200404_115320-jpg

    One consideration is that this WF is 10 years old, and I don't know if the current Steel 1050 is going to be exactly the same as the Steel 1050 from 2010.

    Edited: I just checked my order history, and the HLT above is 630 Recycled, not 525 Ballistic.
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    I’d agree that, as described earlier, Red Brick is the best description for Mars Red.

    I had an S25 in Mars Red and loved it. Sold it in moment of need and wouldn’t hesitate to get another.

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