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    Aug 2017
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    Best Customer Service

    I called on Friday for a fabric sample and I already have it! This company is so good at what they do, all the way down to their customer service team.

    Thank you, Tom Bihn team!

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    Jul 2019
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    Frankly, the level of customer support here is amazing.

    I can't praise them enough...

    I ranted after the Synik Preorder went down far too fast, like sold out in under 24 hours, vs the originally sort of planned week long run.
    Which made me miss the preorder I wanted to take part.
    ranted here and some forums member recommended getting in touch with the tom bihn crew.
    But I wasn't even able to type the email - I already had a personal email from Darcy in the inbox offering support in that case...
    We worked something out and I felt sort of bad for ranting in the first place I honestly wasn't expecting that level of personal customer support at all and was taken by - positive - surprise.
    needless to say, Tom Bihn has a new customer...

    it's sort of sad in my opinion, that this level of customer support is "unexpected" - I wish more busniesses would act in the same league.

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    Apr 2019
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    The customer service is scary good and personal. I'm always shocked at how fast and readily available they are on chat. How is this possible? Are they just sitting there waiting for me to ask about the next time there will be a pouch capable of holding 3 pair of sunglasses?

    Seems so!

    But seriously, they just wait there?

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    Mar 2019
    Virginia USA
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    It’s amazing and super how well TB listens and responds to customers. The Syniks seem like a great example.
    Bags - S25 (Mars Red balistic/Northwest sky/halcyon), S19 (Deep blue balistic/Iberian/halcyon). SCB (Nordic)
    Accessories - Nik's #4 wallets, Q-kits, pouches, stuff sacks, travel trays.

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