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    Quote Originally Posted by gqb View Post
    In the front bottom pocket of the SN22?

    No, size 10 shoes won't fit.

    A side effect is a tight fit according to folks who received theirs early.

    I wear euro size 38 shoes which I think translates to a 7 in US sizing, and there is no way they would fit in the front bottom pocket of my S19, which I understand to be more or less the same size on the SN22.

    Might well fit in the same place on the SN30/S25, but I don't have one to check that for you.

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    Thank you, I'm trying to decide if I can manage to onebag with a Synik 22 or if I should "upgrade" to the 30... still got a few months to decide anyway :P

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    UPDATE to my initial thoughts (in the quote)...

    I do want to add to your random thoughts with mine regarding the shoulder straps:
    I know TB shoulder straps have a love/hate relationship with TB users. The S25 shoulder straps were the pits on me, the S19 were great. (Go figure!) The S22 are... okay. They aren't worse than the S19 but they're not better, just different. The first thing I noticed is that they are very plump, almost puffy feeling. While I may appreciate the extra padding over time, it may take a while for them to mold to my body and grow to me, so to speak. They're also very stiff so I'm hoping they also soften over time. I'm dealing with them and see no reason they could cause any issues in the future...
    I took the S22 sans frame sheet for a short 5 mile hike on Saturday and I love love love the shoulder straps. I had no issues with them and they feel completely natural on my body. Regardless of my initial skepticism, the shoulder straps needed no breaking in and I highly enjoyed the S22, the carry, AND the hike. Yep, that's a well designed pack!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moriond View Post
    There is, actually, a hack for the top restraining strap’s length: if you happen to have an Aeronaut 30. Switch the short end of one of the internal retaining straps on the A30 (whichever is the one with female buckle component) with corresponding strap end at the top right side of the Synik 22. It will lie flat against the back without extra hanging loops. At least, this works for me, and I tried this with straps from two models of the A30 that were made at different times (but I can’t verify this with the latest model of A30 because, let’s face it, the bags hold up so well over time that there’s no “need” to keep buying new ones).

    If you happen to use one of the 15” Eagle Creek packing folders in the Synik 22, I find the natural place to stow it is against the laptop compartment, where it’s flat, and extends to just about the full height of the bag. Depending on what/how full you’ve packed the folder, you might want to use the retaining straps to secure it.
    Quote Originally Posted by improvised View Post
    I don't have an A30, but I'm pretty sure that even if I did, this would never have occurred to me. Great hack!
    Random thoughts on the Synik 22-img_4347-1-jpg

    This is a picture of the Synik 22 with three different length (female end) retainer strap ends for the top strap of the Synik 22. The one that is actually connected is from my most recent Aeronaut 30 (a few years ago when they made the Original Halcyon combination with Island as a regular order -- not the earlier test set of Island Halcyon products before it was chosen as a regular color). Just below it, and clearly longer, is the default right side retainer strap for the Synik 22 (the one that is the same length as in the strap at the bottom of the Synik 22). The lowest of the three straps at the top is from the earliest model Aeronaut 30, when they made the interior retaining straps with single gatekeeper clips at the end instead of the current double gatekeeper clips. It is the shortest of the three straps.

    Using either of the two Aeronaut 30 straps for the top strap of the Synik 22 works with no dangles. You can see that the difference in length is less than the length of the female buckle. So switching strap ends with one from your Aeronaut 30 has no impact on your use of the retainer straps in that bag, and makes the Synik 22 top strap a bit tidier. (I took this picture before I had additional strap keepers to use at the left, but they went on sale today!
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