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    3-Way Daylight Briefcase

    On a hunt to find a briefcase I'm happy with, I picked up a Daylight Briefcase on impulse. It's been about half a week and I've put it through a lot already - lugging gear to work, using it to help with a move, and mostly on a bike...

    I make my own straps because I'm too short for most straps to fit comfortably (5'0"), and one thing I noticed is that the DLBC, like most other messenger bags without a cross-body strap, would swing forward as I biked.

    I also saw the 3-way bag from Topo Designs and was tempted by the backpack mode, but the DLBC is so much better from my minimalist perspective - It's got no luggage passthrough, smaller zippers, and pockets that are slightly 3D (darts? loose fabric? I don't know how to describe it). And no leather or bulky trim.

    So the quest was on to figure out how to 3-way-ify the DLBC, and preferably before I leave on a flight this weekend.

    Grommets should do the trick, I thought. Amazon Same-Day order for the grommets, and I'm paying a lot extra to get metal triangle snap hooks delivered from Amazon instead of Tom Bihn. I'll stop by for other hardware in the future, but this week I'm crammed for time.

    And I hammered the grommets in last night. Pairs of grommets in the lower right hand corner of the front and back of the DLBC.

    I still need to pick up hardware to make two "backpack" straps, but I'm very happy with the way it feels and looks. As a bonus, these grommets are only "drainage holes" on the outer pockets, so this doesn't affect the rest of the bag's integrity or waterproofness. And these grommets are like how some bags feature charging ports/headphone wire ports.

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    That's an interesting bag hack, thanks for sharing.
    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...

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    Cool. But given the size and weight of a DLBC, it strikes me as a better sling bag than backpack. If placed well, one strap should be enough.

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    Very cool. Love this.

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