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    Apr 2019
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    Covering all the bases - Maybe a Synik?

    I resisted preordering a Synik and now wonder if I should have gotten one.

    In trying to streamline my travel life, Iíve narrowed my choices and which set I take depends on length of trip. Still not one bagging it yet.

    1. Carryon roller and hope to use SA as underpacked personal item. Possibly check bag on return flight

    2. Checked bag, A30 for cabin bag and DLBP for under seat with Sidekick or DLBC depending on camera equipment. This is for longer trips.

    3. osprey Fairview 40 as carryon bag, DLBC as personal item. The Osprey is very close to Synik. Would be ideal if this is all I take.

    Iíve managed to downsize and sell a Pilot, PU and Western Flyer so I have been trying to be minimal, but TB addiction is hard to fight.

    Any thoughts, suggestions on other options?


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    Nov 2018
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    1. sounds good, but SA as personal item can be challenging even underpacked (some airlines are really restrictive)

    2. sounds too much to me: check bag + A30 + full DLPB (because filled with SK or DLPC), I would reduce the last bag (purse or light tote, but I cheat my little purse does hold my mirrorless camera) OR better remove one of the two firsts (no check bag or no carry-on bag)

    3. I do own a Osprey 40L, and DLBC or DLBP sounds good as personal item with it (maybe too big for me though)
    just a Bihnion here

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    I've never been questioned about my SA as a personal item, and I tend to stuff it to the gills. The only airline I've flown that might question it would be ANA and even then a friend got her A45 onboard, no questions. (Albeit as her carry-on, with a separate personal item about the size of a NFTD.). So scenario 1 seems fine to me.

    If it were me - I'd look at which features I really want in the Synik, and then figure out how often I will use one. (Of course, all that logic could easily be swept away by "I want one!!" Big Grin) For me the pass-through was the only feature I really wanted, so for now it's a "no" to the Synik. That could change down the line, if I start needing to bring my computer as my EDC.

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