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    Different materials waterproofing

    Hi, Iíve read the materials guide and was wondering which material is the most waterproof for exterior?

    I guess Iím mainly concerned with parapack vs 525 but would be interesting to know the others in relation too.

    (Also while im here can anyone with an old parapack bag comment on how it has held up after long term use please).

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    In my experience there is not much difference between the materials (e.g. Parapack vs. 525 Ballistic). They all will keep your things reasonably dry in some rain but not in a downpour. Furthermore, I consider the seams to be the more critical parts regarding water. That is why I use a raincover when there is heavy rain. Finally, it is also important to renew the waterproofing from time to time. See also this thread.
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    I would agree with the recommendation of a raincover. A few weeks ago I encountered a rain shower with my DLBC (525 ballistic) and even though I used an umbrella the paperwork in my bag was wet. Lesson learned.
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    Most of my valuable items (wallet, A5 paper notebook, phone, iPad Mini) are stored in a small bag like the Side Kick inside whatever else I'm carrying, so I'm confident that things will stay dry. This is my strategy. That said, I have walked through a significant downpour with my Halcyon Synapse, and I was surprised to find that the interior was not wet when I finally got home and unzipped everything. I wouldn't count on that though.
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    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...

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