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    Mar 2018
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    Thanks to Tom Bihn team for great example of customer service!

    I would like to share with the community and thank the Tom Bihn team, and particularly Kat, for another wonderful example of customer service.

    I placed an order last week for some Christmas gifts for family - of course I did treat myself as well! The order included a Truck, but unfortunately between loading my cart and placing the order, my preferred colour choice of Deep Blue was sold out. So I happily settled on an available Black Truck as a perfectly acceptable alternative.

    After placing the order I somewhat cheekily sent the Tom Bihn team an email just in remotest case that there somehow happened to be a Deep Blue Truck held somewhere... Quite early the next day (Seattle time) I got a positive answer from Kat that she had not just relied on the computer stock system but had physically checked the stock and surprisingly found one remaining Deep Blue Truck which they would swap in my order.

    It hadnít personally been such a good week and it really made my day - an even more happy recurrent customer. Thanks very much Kat and to all the Tom Bihn team for going the extra step to deliver such wonderful customer minded service.

    Just to say that even if there had not been a Deep Blue Truck miraculously available, the fact that time was taken to actually search and check would have been equally as appreciated.

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    Jul 2018
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    Similar experience on Friday. I met Kat at the showroom back in September and she is as nice in person as she is via email!
    EDC: Black Halcyon DLBP | Nebulous Gray Luminary 15 ~ Work Carry: Black Ristretto ~ Fun Carry: Black Medium Yeoman Duffel | Coyote Road Duffel

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    They are the best, that’s for sure. So glad you were able to get what you wanted. Smilie

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