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    What do your kids keep in their TC?

    My daughters, ages 9 and 7, have been asking me for a "purse" for a while, so naturally I started thinking about which TB bag would be best for them. I initially thought about the SCB, but I think the TC might be a better option, since it has zippers and size-wise would be a better fit since they're small.

    They don't really have anything specific they would carry; I can see them putting in some money, a snack or other small items, or perhaps a set of headphones and one of our extra phones so they can listen to an audiobook in the car.

    So, I thought I would ask: if your child has a TC, what do they use it for? I'm thinking of mostly EDC uses and not necessarily travel. Thanks!

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    My nieces are around those ages. They seem to enjoy carrying purses, and although they are not Tom Bihn products they're about Travel Cubelet-sized. I think it's good to go light.
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    We have a couple of TCs for the kids. Theyíre a great size for kids and they are easy enough to absorb into whatever Iím carrying if they donít want to carry them anymore. Some kids purses are made of vinyl that is hard to compress, with a strap that isnít removable and takes up a large amount of room. The TC is much sleeker and more adaptable.

    Somewhere on here Iíve posted pics of a loaded kids TC but from memory, they can hold a surprising amount. We have traveled with a set of five mini Cat construction vehicles, six Paw Patrol pups, a Notebook, pen, and lip balm in one TC. It would also be great for Sylvanian Families and Playmobil (possibly in a Cubelet to keep those little accessories together).

    You can also clip those Beanie boo things to the outside if thatís a thing in your house.

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