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    Forum Member blackbird's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
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    This Year: I Bought... and I Gave...

    Iím curious to see if thereís anyone else who does the same thing I seem to do, time after time.

    So here it goes:
    I buy a thing (in this case, a bag or five), I use it and I love it, but then I realize how much a loved one would use it and love it, possibly and most probably even more. So I gift it to them. And seeing them with it gives me so mich more joy than keeping the bag for myself, because I see how happy it makes them, and how it fills just the right hole in their lives.

    For instance:
    This year, I bought five significant bags. (1) A Field Journal, (2) a Luminary 15, (3) a Pop Tote, (4) an HLT and TT, and (5) a Guides Edition S25.

    Also this year, I gifted the L15 to one sister who loves backpacks, slim + elegant profiles, and enough space for her laptop, water bottle, and gym kit. It took her four days of hemming and hawing about it (sheíd recently Marie Kondoíd her life, and didnít want to ďadd inĒ anything new), but once she got to the airport and discovered how much it streamlined her load, she fell in love.

    I also gifted the Pop Tote because, as much as I love it, I knew that my artist sister (sister #2) would love it even more. Because not only would it carry her essentials, but it would also carry her latest craft project, her art supplies, and a snack or three. Itís really Mary Poppins bottomless if you think about it. And since she opened the gift box, she transferred everything from her bulging purse into it and has been carrying it around ever since. With a lot of room to spare.

    Maybe one day Iíll buy these bags for myself again, but for now, I am ecstatic at the thought of them using and loving their new bags, and me loving mine. Because the HLT fits perfectly in the Guides Edition S25 (Nebulous Grey/Coyote, for those wondering), and the Guides Edition S25 fits perfectly on me.

    Does anyone else do anything like this?

    Iíd love to know your methods for bringing more TB goodness into your lives (and maybe even into the lives of others).

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    "A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." ó Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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    Sep 2017
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    Earlier this year I gave an extra Pilot to a friend who routinely travels around the world for charity work and prefers a briefcase style vs a backpack. He had been using a freebie laptop bag that was falling apart. The Pilot worked out great for him. I'd rather gift it to a friend who will really use and appreciate it than sell it to move it on.

    Separately, I bought a new alphaviolet truck for someone as a gift and they love it... I've gotten several 'I use it every day' texts
    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...

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    Nov 2019
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    I only own one TB bag, a LSB (a problem soon to be rectified, haha), but I do tend to gift things I love. After I fell in love with my shop bag, I gifted my mom the zip-top version and my sister a Moveable Feast, both of which were very well received. My husband is not a TB convert yet but I'm hoping to gift him a couple things for his birthday this month so we'll see!

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    Forum Member b1gsky's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
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    I bought my third SCB this year and then realised that I didn't really use it, even though I loved the color. I gifted it to my sister for Christmas (it was a joint sibling gift). It's her first TB item, she's a student and quite frugal so she would have never spent that kind of money herself. But she loved her present and I can be sure she's going to wear it to death (if that's even possible with TB). She's going to get a mini GWOP to go with the SCB for her birthday in February.

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    Forum Member melminimalist's Avatar
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    Nov 2016
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    I recently gave my bf a nordic smart alec after he watched me using mine for a year, heís not convinced of it yet, but itís only a matter of time...

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    "Not all who wander are lost"
    "Love people, use things, because the opposite never works" - The Minimalists
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    Forum Member AHesting's Avatar
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    Jan 2017
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    I didn't buy too much this year although I did get a new SE (Aubergine...wowza, it's pretty!) for Christmas and I'm expecting a new-to-me Icon this weekend. That said, I did give the following:
    SE (Original Halcyon/UV): I let my daughter borrow it with the waist strap to turn it into a fanny pack (or whatever they call them now) for a concert. She loved it so much I let her keep it.
    SK (Steel/Iberian): My sister wanted a little bag-in-bag and I let her try both the SE (my absolute favorite) and my SK. She really liked the SK and I just let her keep it.
    S25 (Black/Island): I went halvsies with my eldest son for his backpack for his freshman year in college. He was allowed to pick any brand he wanted and I was thrilled when he picked TB. He's used it for 5 months straight and he proclaims it was his best purchase ever. I'm very impressed by how black and vibrant the black ballistic nylon is. I was never interested in black bags until I saw his S25.
    Current Carry: Swift (Verde/UV), SK (Steel/Iberian) & SSC (Sitka)

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