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    In light of dark times

    Iíve been a bag addict for several years and have fallen for this pastime pretty hard spending a small fortune on bags pouches and anything I can find an excuse to buy.

    Being more of a forum reader/lurker and posting rarely, however In light of recent events Iívefelt compelled to crawl out from under my rock and write a bit about TB.

    Over the last few years Iíve purchased bags from many different bag makers. Always searching for the ďbest bag ď and watching and reading 100ís of Reviews.

    Growing up in this society of false advertising Iíve had my heart broken many times and have developed a very sensitive lie detector resulting in quickly losing trust in any given company.

    Iíve been keeping an eye on TB for awhile now
    And At risk of sounding like a Tom BIHN freak I must say Iím absolutely blown away by Tom and his crew not only do they make in my opinion the best bags (to me) their dedication to customer service, the environment , people of all walks of life and now to donating their factory to make Corona masks has me completely sold that Tom Bihn again is taking it to another level . Absolutely love that this company reflects values that I try to emulate in my daily life and they do it really well.

    Iíve purchased and recommended many bags from Tom and Iím excited to see what the future will bring. In these dark times, TOM BIHN is one the brightest lighthouses around.

    Thank you so much In light of dark times In light of dark times


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    Welcome Mike, nice to meet another passionate owner of TB bags and accessories

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    "Not all who wander are lost"
    "Love people, use things, because the opposite never works" - The Minimalists
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