Hi and I am finally here to talk about and show you my Synapse 25 with Freudian slip & a bunch of little pockets that I am super duper obsessed with.

At first I thought the Freudian slip was going to drive me crazy because itís not actually going to fit what I need it to. So I played with it a few times and wasnít thrilled until today. I decided that Iím going to fit everything I normally fit into my purse plus my planner/journal and my beloved book plus accessories. I not only fit everything I wanted into it I can take out the whole slip and have everything I need. I like being able to just pull the slip out and not have to dig to find what Iím looking for.

I have like 5 pockets
- a mini ghost whale for things I need at a quick pull out
- a mesh pocket now housing reusable utensils and tiny napkins you add water to so they open up. Itís the lunch kit.
- 2 small pouches one for emergency of eye drops, eye wipes, bandaids, & sea bands against nausea
- clear pencil pouch housing my planner fun kit of stickers I can write on to make using a planner fun.

Now I need a pouch for a blanket I take everywhere to sit on because I have allergies to grass so I take this thin and light blanket so I can be spontaneous and sane.

My backpack is amazing!! I canít praise the amount of zippers enough. I like being able to organize my things in a way that I know what each pocket has inside. Also the bottom front pocket is epic because it can house shoes and dirty clothes when traveling or even my food- being gluten free means that I need to travel with all my meals otherwise I wonít have what to eat.

My only issue is that I didnít find out about this company sooner!!

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