Long time customer but it's been very long since I posted in the forums.

My soon to be 93 year old father lives with us and as such we haven't been able to leave the house much without a mask. When the last sale came up I ordered two for me and my wife. Little did I know that about a week later the senior care center where my father stays while we go on vacation actually visited us to deliver us a care package. We never contacted them. They just assumed since my dad was with us we had very limited chances to get stuff like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. It should be noted that we only use their services twice a year and maybe only for the past 2 years. My wife was almost in tears at how considerate the gesture was. Meanwhile I was immediately regretful that I only ordered 2 masks for us and not more for the senior care center or someone else in the area. I'm happy to report that I got the email today and it looks like I was able to order 10 masks that I plan to deliver to the senior center (or whoever needs them) when they arrive. Very happy that Tom Bihn was able to quickly give me this chance to return the kind gesture sent to me.