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    Everyday Cubelet Ursa 525 Ballistic/NW Sky 120 Aether on its way back to Mothership

    I just dropped off this beautiful bag at UPS to return to the mothership.

    If you wanted and missed out on the run for the Everyday Cubelet in this color and fabric, you may want to call the nice folks at Tom Bihn.

    Ursa is a beautiful color.

    I bought it to replace my Island Halcyon 200 Travel Cubelet (that was its name when I bought it; renamed since as Everyday Cubelet).

    My small binoculars live in my Island Halcyon 200 TC/EC. When out and about, I add my small P&S camera and my phone in the open-top pocket in the main compartment and my car keys in the from zippered pocket. These items fit just right, it is easy to pull out/put back any of the items.

    Alas, the same items in the Ursa 525 Ballistic/NW Sky 120 Aether EC fit too snug for my liking. Items are not easy to take out/put back in.

    So I returned it and plan to get a bigger bag in the same fabric.

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    Definitely digging this “pay it forward” spirit of sharing returned bags and restocked items/colors. Thanks for the heads-up, @Walker !

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    I had the same experience witb my Ursa EC. My EC in Dawn is just easier to use. I'm holding on to my Ursa EC for now, but I'm thinking about getting a second MCB in Ursa and I might sell it then. I love my MCB in Aubergine, so I know the fabric works well for the bag. But maybe I just need to break in the fabric a bit, in my experience the ballistic softens with use.

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